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We are the Pharmacy Law & Ethics Association

Welcome to the Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association (PLEA)

PLEA is an independent, non-profit association for pharmacy professionals who are involved in law and ethics and for lawyers or ethicists who are involved in pharmacy. We welcome pharmacists, former pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and lawyers whose work or interests comprise the application of law, ethics and professionalism to pharmacy practice in all its forms, as well as academics, trainers and students in pharmacy education in the UK and elsewhere.

PLEA aims

To be a forum for the study and development of legal and ethical aspects of pharmacy practice and promote understanding of the ethical basis for professional judgment

To identify and debate legal or ethical questions raised by the developing nature of pharmacy practice

To provide informed comment, reports, or representations where appropriate, on legal and ethical issues arising in pharmacy practice

To provide educational opportunities for members and others who are interested in pharmacy law and ethics


Hub and spoke dispensing

Our response to the DHSC consultation on hub and spoke dispensing can bre accessed by clicking on the link below.

  ADMIN/uploads/PLEA consultation hub and spoke dhsc final.pdf

PLEA seminar 2022

We had a well-attended, successful seminar in Manchester on 4 May 2022.

David Reissner's Chair's report can be accessed here:

ADMIN/uploads/PLEA Chairs report 2022 pdf.pdf

With thanks again to all our speakers, we are delighted to provide below the PowerPoint presentations that were given:

Andrea James -Assisted suicide and the role of pharmacists in end-of-life care - part 1:

ADMIN/uploads/2022 seminar presentations/Andrea James.pdf

David Reissner -Assisted suicide and the role of pharmacists in end-of-life care - part 2:

 ADMIN/uploads/2022 seminar presentations/David Reissner.pdf

Rob Morris - Update on veterinary medicines law:

ADMIN/uploads/2022 seminar presentations/Rob Morris.pdf

Cathal Gallagher - Cheats never prosper: fitness to practise cases involving academic misconduct

ADMIN/uploads/2022 seminar presentations/Cathal Gallagher.pdf

Richard Hough - Legal and ethical implications of hub and spoke dispensing:

ADMIN/uploads/2022 seminar presentations/Richard Hough.pdf

Mark Harries QC - Sexual misconduct in healthcare fitness to practise cases:

ADMIN/uploads/2022 seminar presentations/Sexual Misconduct MHQC PLEA.pdf 1

ADMIN/uploads/2022 seminar presentations/Sexual Misconduct Share Screens MHQC PLEA.pdf 2